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Izmir (izmir) beaches

Izmir Beaches

Çeşme - Ilıca - Şifne

Known to be built by Pamphilians, Carians and Lykians, Çeşme is an attraction center with a reputation all over the world. It is one of the major tourist areas of Turkey with its beautiful beaches alongside the curative thermal springs in Şifne.
Ilıca Beach’s fame has gone beyond boundaries with its sparkling white sands. Thermal water springs out of the sea in Şifne region. The mud, existing in the thermal spring exploitations, is used in beauty elixirs. In the region, there are hotels, motels and guesthouses providing all kinds of comfort for both domestic and foreign tourists. Besides, Çeşme is surrounded by 20 coves known as Aya Yorgi, Pırlanta, Paşalimanı, Tursite and Çiftlik and has a natural wonder like Dalyan that is famous for its fish. It has an extremely colorful nightlife especially during the summer.
The Çeşme Castle and the museum inside is an excellent opportunity for people that are interested in history. Construction work is still going on in the underwater archaeology museum in the castle. When completed, historical artifacts of the region that are collected by researches will be displayed in the museum.


Dikili, which is 120 km away from Izmir, has a history that dates back to 5000-4000 B.C. Archeological excavations have revealed that Akas once lived in the region and named the place as Aternagus. The town has long beaches and is famous for its hot springs (Nebiler, Bademli and Kocaoba). It is possible to swim on the shores extending along the shore. There are plenty of extremely economical accommodation facilities suitable for vacation in the region.


Çeşmealtı which is 36 km away from Konak is famous not only for its beaches, but also for its thermal springs in the İçmeler region. In summers, the population of Çeşmealtı doubles and its coastline continues with the beach in İçmeler and extends to Karaburun. The Kokar Cove in Urla that attracts holidayers with its untouched nature is also on the way.


Excavations conducted within several periods in Karaburun, have revealed that the town was built by Hittites in 3000 BC. Passing through the town of Urla, when you turn right at the curvy road at the crossroad in front of the Institute of Technology, you will reach Balıklıova. The reentrant coastal strip then extends to Mordoğan and later to Karaburun.  
Requisite infrastructure in terms of tourist attraction is not yet developed in Karaburun and Mordoğan, although the region with its untouched nature is a perfect destination for people looking for a peaceful vacation where nature is the main attraction. By the way, the most delicious fish of the Aegean are found in the region.

Pamucak Beaches

Pamucak at the 8th km of the Ephesus (one of the most important cities of Ionia with its antique theatre and Celsius Library) - Kuşadası highway, is famous for its broad beaches and soft sand. The Pamucak beach attracts tourists with its untouched appearance. The Pamucak coast with its wonderful facilities is proclaimed as a "Tourism Centre".

Akkum Beaches

Located in the region of Sığacık, the Akkum Beach is 5km away from Seferihisar. The beach is famous for its glittering sand and crystal water suitable for surfing. Antique Teos housing the Dionysus Temple, Athens Holy Area and similar archaic construction is reachable with a 1 km walk.  You can make daily visits to the beaches of Akkum or you can stay overnight in the touristic facilities. You can enjoy yourself in the restaurants and bars and have a chance to taste the freshest seafood while viewing the unique panorama of the Sığacık Harbor at sunset.

Yassıca Island

Yassıca Island in the Urla offshore has become one of the favorite holiday spots of Izmir after the facilities and arrangements made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The Island attracts people with its clean blue sea and serene atmosphere where transportation is provided by the daily boat trips of Izdeniz (Izmir Maritime Management, Shipping and Tourism Trade Inc).

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